Greetings from ITIHAAS!

ITIHAAS launches its on line programme, GLEE (Global Learning Enrichment Experience), currently with 3 modules.

Self paced, 10 sessions (do them in 10 days or take your time, 60 days) This experience is open to multiple age groups including adults.

Get a Certificate of completion or a Certificate of meritorious completion.

This experience will enhance the understanding of all groups of participants as well as help the young adults to take responsibility for their own learning.

There are 3 Enrichment Experiences online currently;

1. If you are thirsty, THINK water

2. Building Heritage

3. Craft Scapes

For more details click on the sub tabs.

Each Experience is available at 3 levels based on the age and ability

i. 11 to 14 years

ii. 15 to 18 years

iii. 18 and above (We believe there is no upper age limit to learning)

Material will be provided to the learner via the email entered in the registration form. For the first two levels as you complete one session material/ activity for the next session will be provided. For these 2 levels there will be ongoing as well as culminating submissions.

For the third level, we require no submissions. Just engage to enrich your own understanding.

Each age level starts with an introductory video which will detail the process as that is age dependent.

A handling fee of Rs 3000/- per Enrichment Experience will be charged.

  1.   011-41513763, 09654401089