• The minimum duration for internship is for 10 days and the maximum is upto a year.
  • Internships are selected on the basis of their educational background, areas of interest & available projects at ITIHAAS.
  • The purpose of the internship is to assist young people gain experience and built sensitization towards heritage & education.
  • If you are interested for internship - Contact 011-41513763 / 011-24310547

Testimonials of Interns

My take home point while working with ITIHAAS was to assimilate how to be on one's toes. To adapt to circumstance, quick decision making and offer practical remedies (as it completely works at ground level). I thoroughly enjoyed the task of creation of a workbook. I also observed that how much effort, planning and constant remodeling of the set structures it takes to run an organisation. Looking forward to avail more such opportunities with this organisation.

Tanika Singh

The experience is itself the best learning. Working with ITIHAAS provided me with an opportunity of not only enriching my pool of knowledge but more importantly it provided with an opportunity to learn it with students. These programmes effectively and efficiently established the idea that the learning can never be confined to the textbooks or to the four walls of classroom.

Another major point that I learnt with the help of this organization is that interacting with students is an art. No amount of reading or attending workshops will prepare you for the challenge. You only get better with practice.

Thank you so much for this experience. Looking forward to more such opportunities and learning…

Neha Wadhwa

I don't think any amount of classes can ever prepare one for all that the world has to offer, especially when one is seeking to explore something as rich and diverse as History. ITIHAAS has successfully moved History out of the classroom, in a real world setting, engaging young minds productively with the remnants of the past.

Getting a hands-on experience in the treatment of History and Heritage was what I had truly expected from this internship, and I'm grateful that interning withITIHAAS gave me a highly valuable experience under my belt. Apart from the strengthening of the knowledge-base of my subject, what served as the most unique learning experience for me so far is the trait of inclusion that ITIHAAS thrives on. Participating in brainstorming sessions where literally everyone contributes with almost equal zeal, was a very fulfilling experience. Working with school students on the primary sources of History archived in the National Museum was definitely the highlight my internship. I'll forever be thankful to ITIHAAS for helping me locate my future in the past :)

Surangana Makin

  1.   011-41513763, 09654401089