ANVESHAN is the inspiration for the ITIHAAS Festival


Anveshan is the largest original music competition for school going children in the country. Nowhere else but at ITIHAAS’ Anveshan, do we hear such originality of lyrics and composition or encounter talent on such a large scale.

Students compose a song that celebrates a specific theme. The song is an outcome of substantial research, conversations with people in their community, discussion amongst the team and then documenting their understanding…. All this understanding is communicated through the lyrics of a song. The song is set to a tune and performed in front of a jury, at 2 levels… the Zonals and now the National Finals. At the Zonal level the jury which includes student judges too, gives feedback to every team and quizzes them on their understanding and learning process.

With the feedback incorporated the Finalists are now ready to sing live at the National Finals at IGNCA. In the past some of the themes that the students have sung on, have been “Inclusion”, In-Joy”, “Sounds of the Streets”, Inventions@ itihaas”, “In-equality”, People@itihaas and this year we sing on “SOUNDS OF COLOUR”

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