Registration for U.P guides

ITIHAAS in partnership with Uttar Pradesh Tourism and Make My Trip, announces State wide competition for guides, for the first time in India. In Uttar Pradesh, this competition is for 3 cities. Namely, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and Varanasi.

The competition is the first of its kind in the country. ITIHAAS is committed to working with tour guides across India to facilitate their economic futures by connecting them to leaders in the industry and government. ITIHAAS is working towards creating a pan India portal where tour guides can access the latest research, engage with field experts as well as stay connected with tourists.

ITIHAAS is ethically committed to staying connected with tour guides who we recognise as heritage ambassadors.

This competition is the first of many programmes aimed at facilitating tour guides to return to normalcy after the pandemic. We hope to work closely with people across the country to celebrate “GUIDES” and make tourism a profitable and sustainable profession for all.

All licensed guides can take part in the competition. The competition will recognise the best entry by the guides in each city and will award a cash prize.

ITIHAAS will organise two ONLINE seminars/workshops with heritage and tourism experts to help you learn more about your city and how to adapt to a post-Covid economy.

What is the competition?

  • Individually, guides are requested to send us a video recording of you conducting a mock tour at any three different spots/ sites in your city. Each site/spot must be at a different monument (except for Fatehpur Sikri)

  • Prepare a separate video for each site of no more than four minutes.

  • At each site, you must respond to a different set of tourists. You can pick from the following situations:

Tourist Group 1- You are taking a group of M.A. (History) students to a monument. They are already very knowledgeable about its history and architecture. What more can you tell them about the site based on your unique experiences of that site?

Tourist Group 2- A family from Tamil Nadu – parents, grandparents, and children – are visiting your site. How will you make the heritage of the site valuable to all age groups?

Tourist Group 3 – 40 students from class 6 are on a school trip. They know very little about the monument. How will you make it interactive for them and ensure that they learn something as well?

  • At each site, you must pick a different Tourist Group.

  • In Agra and Varanasi, you must choose three different historical and cultural sites; in Fatehpur Sikri, you may choose different parts of the heritage complex for your task.

  • Each site must have a video recording with a time-stamp for 4 minutes each. The video should not exceed the time limit.

  • You and the tourist site must be in the video frame at all times. A tourist group is a mock group; they don’t actually have to be there.

  • You will need to upload all 3 videos on the link sent to you after you register.

  • There is NO registration fees.

Judgement criteria:

  • Facts and content of the speech

  • Body language, mannerisms, vocabulary

  • Whether the content is delivered in an interesting and attention-capturing manner


We will announce 2 winners for every city with a cash prize.

To register please fill in the attached google form and share the information with colleagues.


Dates to Note:

  • Please Register by 10th July

  • Date for online session on google meet will be sent to you.

  • Upload/Submit videos by 25th July

  • Final ceremony and prize distribution, between 1st and 15th September


Google Form Link
  1.   011-41513763, 09654401089