What we do

At ITIHAAS we connect the paradigms of heritage with education , heritage with tourism and heritage with management . For us, every student/adult and tourist is a stakeholder in preserving heritage, tangible and intangible. With ITIHAAS, the learners/visitors unearth how one people, physically separated from another, share a common cultural and social ethos, traditional wisdom and most importantly, have ones past so integrally influencing the other’s present.

  • Sensitive to diversity

    We ensure that terms such as secular, democratic, national, patriotic and many more are not just words but a way of life.

  • Critical thinkers

    We encourage students to not only ask questions but also find answers to those questions.

  • Learn locally and act globally

    While being rooted in our own heritage, students and cultural traditions can apply this learning to global issues.

  • Break social barriers

    Our interventions are social levelers, as students speak, interact and understand the lives of people from varied socio economic strata.

Main Programs

ITIHAAS regularly conducts feasibility studies, designs and conceptualizes Heritage walks around thematic areas and monuments, with a view to revitalize historic cities. We create interestingly diverse routes, develop content through historical research and anecdotal information collected through an elaborate process by interviewing local residents and community members.

  • ITIHAAS Learning Module
  • Summer Heritage Projects
  • ITIHAAS Curriculum
  • Anveshan
  • ITIHAAS Annual Summit
  • Teacher Training Programme
  • I-Heritage Youth Leadership Programme



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