Teachers Enrichment Programme

Teachers Enrichment Programme

Keeping in mind the quest for teachers to equip themselves to deal with ever diversifying classroom, ITIHAAS introduces Heritage Education based Capacity Building Programme for educators.

At ITIHAAS we believe that heritage is an immense pool of learning, but it is still lying largely untapped. Heritage Education can be relied upon to ensure that children grow up with a sense of belonging. After having impacted children through all across the age groups, we invite teachers to adapt and experiment with the ITIHAAS pedagogy based on their specific needs and classroom atmosphere.

Teachers can together work on breaking barriers of the curriculum and work towards making Heritage Education an integral part of education.


Essentially, the programme is split into parts:

  • Workshop- 2 to 4 hours, in – school session
  • Out of the classrooms experience – 3 hours, Learning Module experience

Covering range of topics, from politics of language and speech to details of architecture, the modules can be customized for teachers of any grade. You can chose from any of the following regular modules.

  • What has the knowledge of the past got to do with the curriculum of future?
  • From individual to collective: Role of heritage education in making responsible citizens
  • How to practice peer learning and inter-disciplinary approach without diluting rigour of learning?
  • Taking learning beyond classrooms
  • Handling the Multi Ability Class Room

Alternatively, if you have some specific agenda that you want addressed, the Resource Centre would be happy to discuss it with you.

Dates – 5th – 8th September.

  1.   011-41513763, 24310547