We are proud to share with you the report of first event of this session to mark the 10th year celebrations. 105 students from ITIHAAS Partner Schools participated in ‘Orbitales’, the ITIHAAS- Nehru Planetarium workshop at the Jantar Mantar Observatory, New Delhi.

Working at the Observatory was a revealing experience for the students as they realized that the Jantar Mantar is not just a place for Dharnas but the instruments actually work! Some of the students also managed to verify the accuracy of the instruments by getting observations remarkably close to the figures of theoretical calculations.

The workshop began with taking meticulous measures the dimensions of the three massive yantras- Mishra Yantra, Samrat Yantra and Ram Yantra. This was followed by mapping the coordinates of Sun and observing the sundial time. At the same time they also learnt about the factors that cause variation in different time zones on earth.

The data collected by the students will now be processed by us in collaboration with the Nehru Planetarium team and presented to the Archaeological Survey of India. Many of the students were interested in being a part of this process also. I am sure that you will encourage such students to take this initiative to the next level.

Orbit Tales Jantar Mantar 2013

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  • Orbit Tales Team Murti 2013
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